Super Arm-ey Heroes

Super Arm-ey Heroes is the book that answers the question you never knew you had until now: What would cosplay look like at an octopus comic convention? You need wonder no more! Featuring all your favourite super heroes and plenty of villains, Super Arm-ey Heroes is both visually hilarious and obscenely punny. But be warned, saving the world is not for the prudish and this book isn’t for kids!

Super Arm-ey Heroes is the second book in the Octopus and Family picture books for grown-ups series.


The Author:

Annabelle Lee has been drawing cartoons and comics since an early age, using them either to give a laugh or express something deep in a relatable format. Illustrating fulfils her two great passions; creativity and communication. In addition to her social work degree, she recently completed studies in visual arts, out of which came her first book, Octopus and Family.


Book info:

ISBN: 978-1-925652-05-5 (paperback); 978-1-925652-16-1 (hardcover)

Publication Date: 26 November 2017

RRP: AU $19.95 (paperback) | $24.95 (hardcover)


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Book Categories: Humour

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